face to face with our animals!

Gettorf Animal Park

Entrance Fees

By purchasing the tickets you accept the general rules of Tierpark Gettorf.

Single persons

  price during season 2019
Adults 11,00 €
Children and adolescents (2-17 years), senior citizens (from 65 years on), disabled and accompanying persons 8,00 €


2 adults and 2 children (2-17 years) 36,00 €
2 adults and 3 children (2-17 years) 42,00 €

Schools and nursery schools

per person 5,00 €
per 10 persons one accompanying person free

Groups of disabled persons

per person 8,00 €
per 10 persons one accompanying person free

Other pre-booked groups (from 20 persons on)

Reduced fees for groups can be granted on joint payment only. Please collect the money of all group members before payment.

per person 8,00 €
per 20 persons one person free