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9. August 2019
Tapir “Tambo” became a father for the first time

It took a long time, but now it has finally worked out: Lowland Tapir female “Jule” is happy about a healthy young son, which is also the first surviving offspring of our male “Tambo”. (more…)

21. February 2019
Masked bandits new at Gettorf animal park

Since the 21st of February, the zoo has three new residents, which promise to be sly old dogs. “Paul”, “Linus” and “Frieda”, are the first three raccoons having moved into the Gettorf animal park. (more…)

30. August 2018
New company for our White-faced Sakis

After our Acouchi-Methusela had passed away at the blessed age of 18 on July 25th, the question arose who should become new company for our two White-faced Sakis. (more…)

15. July 2018
Another two odd birds at Tierpark Gettorf

A remarkable new addition can be seen (and hopefully also be heard soon) at Tierpark Gettorf. From Münster Zoo two male sibling Kookaburras moved to Gettorf. (more…)

21. March 2018
Just in time – the Crested Macaques move into their new facility shortly before Easter holidays

After more than 2 years of construction, the time has finally come: the Crested Macaques of Gettorf Animal Park move into their new facility. (more…)

23. September 2016
Finally! First offspring with our Meerkats!

For a long time the keepers of the park had hoped and wondered whether this summer we would finally be lucky with the long-awaited offspring with our meerkats. Already in the spring, the three audience favourites of the park had tried, but unfortunately still without success. (more…)

16. August 2016
“Dangerous” new inhabitants at the zoo: Poison Dart Frogs

Since August 16th 2016 we can present four blue poison dart frogs at Gettorf. The animals came from the Vivarium in Darmstadt. You can visit the frogs in the monkey house, inside the enclosure of Greta our armadillo and watch them climbing. (more…)

8. August 2016
All good things are three: another baby at our Crested Macaques

Having witnessed the births of Louis and Kira last year we are happy to announce, that we have another baby within a year at our Crested Macaques. (more…)

11. May 2016
A new mate for Jule and Co.: Tapir “Tambo” comes from Hagenbeck

After our old Tapir male “Rüdiger” had died at the age of 20 in February, our female Jule and Tina had not to wait too long for a new mate (more…)

7. February 2016
Farewell to our tapir “Rüdiger”

After nearly 20 years, the keepers of the park had to say goodbye to one of their favorites: our male tapir “Rüdiger” died at the age of 20. Rüdiger came to us in 1997 at the age of one from the zoo Osnabrück (more…)

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