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News about our animals

30. August 2018
New company for our White-faced Sakis

After our Acouchi-Methusela had passed away at the blessed age of 18 on July 25th, the question arose who should become new company for our two White-faced Sakis. (more…)

15. July 2018
Another two odd birds at Tierpark Gettorf

A remarkable new addition can be seen (and hopefully also be heard soon) at Tierpark Gettorf. From Münster Zoo two male sibling Kookaburras moved to Gettorf. (more…)

21. March 2018
Just in time – the Crested Macaques move into their new facility shortly before Easter holidays

After more than 2 years of construction, the time has finally come: the Crested Macaques of Gettorf Animal Park move into their new facility. (more…)

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News about the park

17. December 2018
Start of construction work on the new shop

Not only the monkey house will be rebuilt this winter, also at the large playground area next to the skunk exhibit construction works are conducted during this winter. (more…)

10. November 2018
The renovation of the monkey house begins

In March, our Crested Macaques could finally move into their new home in the former Enclosure of the Barbary Macaques. Now the way was cleared for the long planned renovation of the monkey house. (more…)

1. December 2017
Animal advent

Are you ready for animal advent?

Every day until Christmas, one animal family at Gettorf can unpack its presents, and as the two-legged ones shall not go home empty-handed, (more…)

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