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30. August 2018:

New company for our White-faced Sakis

After our Acouchi-Methusela had passed away at the blessed age of 18 on July 25th, the question arose who should become new company for our two White-faced Sakis. Again we opted for small rodents from South America, which of course should harmonize well with the monkeys too. Soon a decision was made in favour of the slightly larger relatives of the Acouchis, the Azara’s Agutis.

Since the zoo at Bad Liebenstein was just looking for a new home for a couple of these animals, these moved to Gettorf about one month later. The acclimation was quick and not spectacular, monkeys and rodents reacted very cool and relaxed. Now, of course, we hope that the new residents will feel comfortable with us for as long as possible.

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