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15. July 2018:

Another two odd birds at Tierpark Gettorf

A remarkable new addition can be seen (and hopefully also be heard soon) at Tierpark Gettorf. From Münster Zoo two male sibling Kookaburras moved to Gettorf. The large relatives of the Common Kingfisher are also known under their other name of “Laughing Jackass”.

The Australian birds owe this name to their loud, penetrating calls, which they like to utter in groups, thus inciting each other to call even louder. These calls, which are reminiscent of a loud, sometimes almost hysterical laughter, are well known in Australia and can also be heard as a typical ingredient of a tropical background noise in many films.

Our two boys are still a bit shy at the moment and therefore do not sound their calls too loudly at the moment. But we hope that this will change after a certain period of adaptation, so that those two will contribute their part to the exotic animal concert in the zoo.

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