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21. March 2018:

Just in time – the Crested Macaques move into their new facility shortly before Easter holidays

After more than 2 years of construction, the time has finally come: the Crested Macaques of Gettorf Animal Park move into their new facility. Since March 21, 1818, they can be found in their new home, which was completed just in time for the Easter days during our anniversary year.

For many years by now, the Crested Macaques have been a special attraction for our visitors. The black monkeys with the punky hairstyle are extremely rare and live in a small area on the island of Sulawesi. In Germany, they can only be found in 4 zoos and are successfully bred in two – one of them has been the Gettorf Zoo, thus contributing significantly to the conservation of this highly endangered species.

Three and a half years ago “Malino”, a new male from the Jersey zoo moved to Gettorf and since then the group has already grown significantly: 3 babies have been raised successfully, another one was just born on February 24th 2018.

As soon as it became clear that Malino was able to fulfill his duty in terms of breeding, the desire for a new, much more spacious and interesting facility for the black monkeys arose.

Since the Barbary Apes should move to a new facility time we planned a new House for the Crested Macaques on the premises. The construction of the new house for the Macaques began at the end of 2015 already, but could not be completed until autumn 2017 due to numerous unplanned delays.

The remodeling of the outdoor areas has now been successfully completed and the Macaques could move into their new home. Now, the keepers are very curious to know how the animals will take accept their new, much more spacious and varied habitat.

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