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11. May 2016:

A new mate for Jule and Co.: Tapir “Tambo” comes from Hagenbeck

After our old Tapir male “Rüdiger” had died at the age of 20 in February, our female Jule and Tina had not to wait too long for a new mate : already on May 11th 2016 male “Tambo” from Hagenbeck moved to Gettorf, being almost two years old at this time.

The first days at Gettorf Tambo spent separated in the old Tapir house of the zoo. But already after a short time we could see that between him and the two females, no significant tensions were observed. Therefore the keepers decided to let Tambo join the group, which comprises Jule and daughter Tina as well as Jule’s little son Rico.

From the beginning, the contact was very harmonious, Tambo was interested, but not too intrusive and quickly found his place in the group. Only Rico, our little rowdy of about half a year, sometimes still shows his puberty and pinches his new “stepfather” into the leg – knowing that he tolerates this impudence of the little one with indulgence.

Even towards the keepers Tambo shows best Tapir qualities already: like many tapirs Tambo loves being fondled under the chin or belly, he throws himself onto the side and enjoys the extensive pampering. Perfect conditions for a fruitful relation between humans and animals …

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