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Schopfmakaken 21. March 2018
Just in time – the Crested Macaques move into their new facility shortly before Easter holidays

After more than 2 years of construction, the time has finally come: the Crested Macaques of Gettorf Animal Park move into their new facility. (more…)

erdmannchenbaby_1 23. September 2016
Finally! First offspring with our Meerkats!

For a long time the keepers of the park had hoped and wondered whether this summer we would finally be lucky with the long-awaited offspring with our meerkats. Already in the spring, the three audience favourites of the park had tried, but unfortunately still without success. (more…)

dendrobates_azureus 16. August 2016
“Dangerous” new inhabitants at the zoo: Poison Dart Frogs

Since August 16th 2016 we can present four blue poison dart frogs at Gettorf. The animals came from the Vivarium in Darmstadt. You can visit the frogs in the monkey house, inside the enclosure of Greta our armadillo and watch them climbing. (more…)

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News about the park

Adventskalender 1. December 2017
Animal advent

Are you ready for animal advent?

Every day until Christmas, one animal family at Gettorf can unpack its presents, and as the two-legged ones shall not go home empty-handed, (more…)

Saisonkarte_18 23. October 2017
New seasonal tickets for jubilee season available!

From now on annual tickets for 2018 are available at the entrance of the zoo. They are are valid from acquisition until the end of 2018. (more…)

Berber1 16. May 2017
The Barbary Macaques move to their new home

After a long construction period our Barbary Macaques were allowed to move into their new exhibit behind the monkey house on Friday, the 12th oy May. It had taken a long time until the construction work was completed, the enclosure was made escape-proof, and the interior had been decorated to the satisfaction of the keepers (and hopefully the monkeys as well). (more…)

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