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erdmannchenbaby_1 23. September 2016
Finally! First offspring with our Meerkats!

For a long time the keepers of the park had hoped and wondered whether this summer we would finally be lucky with the long-awaited offspring with our meerkats. Already in the spring, the three audience favourites of the park had tried, but unfortunately still without success. (more…)

dendrobates_azureus 16. August 2016
“Dangerous” new inhabitants at the zoo: Poison Dart Frogs

Since August 16th 2016 we can present four blue poison dart frogs at Gettorf. The animals came from the Vivarium in Darmstadt. You can visit the frogs in the monkey house, inside the enclosure of Greta our armadillo and watch them climbing. (more…)

Boroko 8. August 2016
All good things are three: another baby at our Crested Macaques

Having witnessed the births of Louis and Kira last year we are happy to announce, that we have another baby within a year at our Crested Macaques. (more…)

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News about the park

Berber1 16. May 2017
The Barbary Macaques move to their new home

After a long construction period our Barbary Macaques were allowed to move into their new exhibit behind the monkey house on Friday, the 12th oy May. It had taken a long time until the construction work was completed, the enclosure was made escape-proof, and the interior had been decorated to the satisfaction of the keepers (and hopefully the monkeys as well). Then finally the monkeys could move to their spacious new home in which the Barbary Sheep have been living for several months already.

The first week the monkeys had to pass in the inside enclosure – although already with a view of their new home. After the stress and the excitement of the move, they should settle down a bit and acclimatize before they were left into the large area.

But on May 16th the waiting had come to an end: the doors of the interior cages were opened and the Barbary Macaques were immediately outside and quite enthusiastic about their new home with the big tree trunks. Now we hope that our visitors will like the new enclosure as well as the monkeys and animal caretakers do …


IGW_Logo 18. January 2017
The Zoo at the International Green Week

Also in this year, the zoo Gettorf is present at the Green Week. In the Schleswig-Holstein-hall you can find us at the presentation of the touristic region “Hügelland am Ostseestrand”. (more…)

vogelgrippe 9. November 2016
Birds kept indoors due to Avian Influenza

After many birds have died of Avian Influenza in the Lakes near Plön, the Ministry of Agriculture has deferred measures to prevent the further spread of this animal disease which also concerns us.


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