face to face with our animals!

Gettorf Animal Park

Public Feeding


Every day you can go on a feeding tour together with our keepers. At some exhibits you may even accompany the keeper inside the exhibits and feed our animals directly without separating fences or moats!

Attention please! Our feeding tour may vary due to seasonal changes, as some animals do not use their outside exhibits all year long and even tameness of our animals may vary throughout the year.

Hand = Interactive feeding: usually you may feed the animals yourself
Auge = Show feeding: our staff feeds the animals and tells about them

Feeding schedule:

winter schedule (from November 8th 2017 on)
    Mon-Fri   Sat/Sun and holidays
2:00 p.m. Hand Tapirs Hand Lemurs (Ring-tailed Lemurs or Red Ruffed Lemurs)*
summer schedule (until November 7th 2017)
    Mon-Fri   Sat/Sun and holidays
11:00 a.m. Hand Lemurs (Ring-tailed Lemurs or Red Ruffed Lemurs)* Hand Lemurs (Ring-tailed Lemurs or Red Ruffed Lemurs)*
11:30 a.m. Hand Tapirs Auge Chimpanzees
2:30 p.m. Auge Chimpanzees Auge Striped Skunks
3:00 p.m. Hand Lemurs (Ring-tailed Lemurs or Red Ruffed Lemurs)* Hand Lemurs (Ring-tailed Lemurs or Red Ruffed Lemurs)*
3:30 p.m. Auge Meerkats Auge Meerkats
* which one of the Lemur species will be fed depends on daily organisation


Meet the keeper just outside the exhibit. You may find it on our virtual map.

Appropriate food is provided by the keeper, so you can just lean back and enjoy.

The public feeding is offered on a daily basis. However, we ask for your understanding, that the lemur feeding cannot take place in the outside walkthrough exhibit when the weather is too cold or wet.

And, of course, all public feedings depend on our animals' desire to be fed. If they do not want to be fed, the feeding cannot take place. In this case we ask for your appreciation.